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Fit Turf and the Green Factor

Go green this Earth Day with Fit Turf's Organic Bio Green lawn program. Visit our site to learn more.

If you are like most green-minded homeowners, you’d like to have a beautiful lawn, but you’d rather not use harmful chemicals to get it. With Earth Day right around the corner, perhaps you’ve made a conscientious choice to go all-natural in your yard this spring and summer. If this sounds like your story, then our learn care experts have the perfect lawn treatment system for you. Bio-Green is our specially-designed lawn fertilization program that uses safe, natural ingredients to achieve incredible lawn growth and weed control — all while helping the environment. Start on Earth Day and celebrate the rest of spring and summer with a beautiful lawn that’s green in more ways than one!

Bio-Green: The Environmentally-Friendly Choice for Your Lawn

Bio-Green is a multi-tiered lawn care program that is designed to have the lowest environmental impact possible while giving your lawn the essential ingredients it needs to thrive. Unlike other fertilizers with high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen that can damage waterways, Bio-Green uses natural ingredients and a fraction of the leaching products found in other fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, Bio-Green is part of the USDA BioPreferred Program and is even safe to use during “blackout” ordinances when the use of other fertilizers banned. Plus, Bio-Green’s patent-pending formula of liquid food grade fertilizer, plant nutrients and soil amendments are safe for children and pets, with no wait time after spraying.

Safety and environmental-friendless are great, but many lawn owners also want to know if a product will give their lawn real results. With Bio-Green, a beautiful and healthy lawn is a virtual certainty. The natural nutrients and amendments in Bio-Green products are designed for both immediate and slow-release to give your lawn continual boosts throughout the season. Unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers that tend to diminish soil over time, Bio-Green works to promote natural soil balance for continued plant health.

Celebrate Earth Day with Bio-Green

Earth Day is April 22nd. Shouldn’t you celebrate in a way that benefits the environment and your property? Learn more about the environmentally-friendly Bio-Green lawn care program by contacting our team at Fit Turf today!

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