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Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray

Check out Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray from Fit Turf and learn about winterizing lawn care tips for CO and MI.

Here at Fit Turf, we offer a wide selection of our own unique lawn care products to help keep your lawn in top shape all year round. These products are targeted specifically toward our areas in Michigan and Colorado, and the Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray is one of the standout products in our Fit Tree & Shrub Care program. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative oil and how it can help to care for your trees in the metro-Detroit and metro-Denver areas.

What is Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray?

This spray includes Omni Oil Supreme, a horticultural spray oil that is applied just after the leaves have fallen off your trees during the Autumn season. The spray targets overwintered insects on trees and shrubs, and it protects trees from re-infestation for up to 60 days after application.

What types of insects does it remove?

Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray protects your trees from the most common types of late-fall insect infestations in the Colorado and Michigan areas. In Colorado, this means things like the Emerald Ash Borer, Aphids, the Lilac Ash Borer and the IPS/Pine Bark Beetle. In Michigan, it offers protection from Aphids, Pine Sawflies, Leaf Miners and Japanese Beetles.

What do our technicians use in combination with Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray?

At the same time that we apply Fit Tree Late Season Dormant Oil Spray, we also fertilize the roots of your trees and shrubs to prepare them for the winter season. This consists of administering a slow-release fertilizer blend with nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and iron to protect against the winter freeze and to help the tree develop once spring comes around. By combatting pests that harm trees and improving the tree’s health with this winter fertilizer, we ensure that your trees and shrubs are protected all year long.

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