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Fall Planting Tips

Visit Fit Turf for fall planting tips, including top bulbs to plant in the fall and how to prepare your yard for cooler weather.

Fall Planting Tips: What to Plant and When to Plant It

Get your yard and garden ready for the first frost with this fall planting guide from the experts at Fit Turf.

  • Prepare Your Environment — Make sure your soil is well-prepared for the coming ground freeze when you clean up weeds and clear away any loose garden litter. Make sure burlap is moved to protect trees in the winter, and be sure that you research how deep or shallow to plant your fall bulbs to ensure that they endure the frost.
  • Plant Early — As with any season, deciding when to plant really comes down to where you live. In general, you want to plant your fall greens in several weeks before the first expected frost dates in the fall. You can use this handy frost dates calculator to determine when your area is expected to see the first frost of the season.
  • Plant Hardy Greens — Spring isn’t the only time to pepper the garden with perennials, veggies, trees, shrubs and grass! In fact, fall is the best time to establish new turf grass in Northern climates, and it’s an ideal time to plant your trees and shrubs: just make sure to keep them well-watered until the first frost.
  • Plant New Grass — During this time, you can plant bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass and other types of grass that are common in the Northern U.S. Make sure to fertilize your new seed in early September and again in October or early November. This will help your grass appear earlier and greener in the spring.
  • Invest in Fall Aeration and Over-Seeding — You may think that aeration and over-seeding should only be done in the spring, but that’s not so. If your lawn is looking particularly rough or thin after a dry summer, then fall aeration and over-seeding over existing turf can ensure that your lawn looks lush and green come spring.

Our Metro-Denver and Metro-Detroit lawn care specialists can help you with all your fall planting and preparation needs, whether you’re looking for a professional fall aeration and over-seeding service or want to maintain a luscious landscape with fall trees and shrubs.

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