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Fall Deep Root Fertilization - Trees and Shrubs

Trio of Pine Cones on an Evergreen Tree

Trio of Pine Cones on an Evergreen Tree

Stock your trees and shrubs with food ahead of the winter months. Your proactive aid will help them thrive for years to come.

If you’re the type who wants quick growth but healthy trees for the long term, deep-root fertilization is for you. Deep root fertilization, also often called deep root feeding, is a gardening maintenance process specific for trees where your landscaper places a pipe into the ground around the tree then fills it with fertilizer. The pipe is usually placed as deep as a foot into the ground around the perimeter of the tree and as wide as the branches extend. The objective is to fertilize the roots directly, and with trees such as pines, spruce, firs, sugar maples, and oaks, you must go deep.

There are many advantages to deep root fertilization. When you fertilize your trees on the surface of the soil, most of the nutrients are absorbed by the surrounding weeds and grass. And in urban landscaping, we want our yards clean and neat, of course – but by raking up fallen leaves we rob the trees of critical nutrition for future years that we can replace with fertilization. And unfortunately, while rainwater keeps your trees watered, almost all of the nutrients are washed away into ground water by the least amount of rain. But by placing the fertilizer right at the tree roots, you are directly feeding your trees, promising healthy new growth for years to come with little waste.

And finally, the timeline you choose for fertilization is critical. You want to feed your trees right before they sleep for the winter. Imagine a black bear filling his belly with river salmon before hibernating for winter. Your trees spend a long, cold winter without any source of food – they literally hibernate too. Feed your trees before they rest and you’re almost guaranteed for full foliage in the spring.

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