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Fall Deep Root Feeding for Trees & Shrubs

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Fall Deep Root Feeding for Trees and Shrubs

If you’re looking for a great way to ensure the health of your trees and shrubs year-round, you’ll definitely want to consider fall deep root feeding. This is a unique method of tree and shrub enhancement that delivers deep nutrients into the soil to give plants the capacity to better absorb nutrients. Not only can this help your trees and shrubs stay healthy and beautiful over time, but it can also help them ward off nutrient deficiency and disease, which can eventually lead to plant death. We highly recommend investing in a deep root feeding during the fall months in order to prepare your trees, shrubs and bushes for the cooler weather.

What is Fall Deep Root Feeding?

Essentially, deep root feeding is a form of in-depth tree fertilization that helps equip hardy trees and shrubs with an extra boost of essential nutrients so that they stay strong and healthy when the temperatures drop. We use a direct root feeding process to provide tree roots with carbohydrates and nutrients that they can reserve throughout the winter. You can even use this service year-round if you’ve noticed that your plants have begun showing signs of stress, such as stunted leaf and branch growth, wilting leaves or premature foliage.

At Fit Turf, we use a special system to ensure that your fall feeding is as beneficial as possible. Our technicians apply a slow-release fertilizer blend with nitrogen for growth, phosphorous for bud development, potassium for root growth and winter protection and iron for overall health and color. This slow-release fertilizer absorbs into the soil and then delivers vital nutrients throughout the entire year, ensuring that your shrubs, trees and bushes stay healthy and happy even when the temperatures drop.

Our technicians use special tools to inject the fertilizer deep into the root zone of the plants where absorption occurs. This fertilizer is then slowly released over a one-year period to provide essential nutrients throughout the year. We make sure to inject the fertilizer deep into the soil in order to prevent puncturing weed barriers or drip lines. Our fertilizers are uniquely developed for customers in Michigan and Colorado, and are specifically engineered to address some of the primary concerns with trees and shrubs in these two states.

Complete Tree and Shrub Care Programs

We use fall deep root feeding alongside various other tree and shrub health initiatives as part of our Fit Tree™ + Shrub Care Lawn Program. This all-inclusive program includes year-round tree and shrub maintenance, with administration of nutrients and in the spring, summer, late summer and fall. During the final portion of your annual Fit Tree™ program, we will administer a T/S Insect + Mite Spray 5 to get your trees and shrubs completely ready for the cooler months. We’ll then administer your deep root feeding to ensure that trees and shrubs receive year-round nutrients.

If you’re ready to schedule a complete shrub and tree care program or a fall deep root feeding, get in touch today! We’re happy to provide tree care services in Detroit, Denver and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

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