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Extra Benefits of Mowing Your Lawn

Red Push Lawn Mower Cutting Dark Green Grass

Red Push Lawn Mower Cutting Dark Green Grass

Extra Benefits of Mowing Your Lawn

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but by keeping your own lawn well maintained, you can actually reap some unexpected benefits. It turns out that the simple act of mowing your lawn can benefit the environment, your health and even your social life. The next time you notice the grass getting tall, think about the unexpected benefits and bust out that lawn mower.

Environmental Benefits

Mowing your lawn can be a green decision. Using an electric lawnmower or weed trimmer will reduce emissions considerably while manual reel mowers have virtually no carbon footprint. Even if you use a gas-fired ride-on mower, keeping your grass trimmed and neat will help keep pests at bay that could damage trees or other foliage in your yard. Trees are important for cleaning air and producing oxygen.

For even more environment benefits, consider switching from your regular lawn fertilizers to FitTurf’s line of Bio Green products. These environmentally friendly fertilizers and treatments will give you the results you want without damaging the environment.

Health Benefits

Yard work is a great workout and it gets you outdoors, which can improve your health. Pushing a lawnmower is similar to a prolonged cardio workout and can help improve your overall health. Increase the intensity by choosing a lawn mower that doesn’t have a self-propelled feature.

If your lawn is too large to mow with anything less than a riding lawn mower, you can still reap some health benefits. You won’t be burning calories, but you’ll enjoy some time to yourself with just the hum of the motor to accompany you, reducing stress and triggering a zen-like feeling that will help clear the mind and improve mental health.

Whether you push or ride your mower, these health benefits add up over the course of the summer with weekly mowings, leading to a healthier, happier you.

Social Benefits

You can’t meet your neighbors or interact with them if you’re both hiding in your living rooms. Getting outdoors and mowing the lawn is a great opportunity for social interaction, particularly for retirees and stay-at-home parents. Interacting with others can improve mood and overall happiness.

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