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Expert Lawn Care Round 1: Fertilizer 2018

Wake your yard up from its winter slumber with the help of Fit Turf's Fertilizer and Weed Control Program. Check out our blog post for more information about the purpose and the importance of first round yard care.

Long, Cold Winter

Over the long, cold winter while you were snuggled up in front of your crackling fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate, your yard was taking the brunt of what Mother Nature had to throw at it.

Your yard endured every subzero temperature, every snow fall and every gust of wind that tore through your neighborhood with white-knuckle tenacity. Although your yard’s grass was dormant, or sleeping, it was mercilessly exposed to the elements — no matter how brutal they were. From the very first snowfall to the last, your yard held on for dear life — patiently waiting for the balmier temperatures that are ushered in with the spring equinox.

Health and Recovery

After its exposure to the elements, spring is the time to help your yard recover from the trials and tribulations of the winter months. Grass grows better in soil with more neutral pH. Round 1 of the Fertilizer and Weed Control program that Fit Turf offers is designed to nurture the pH of the soil in order to ensure a healthy foundation for continued turf growth throughout the rest of the year.

The goal of any lawn care system of maintenance is a healthy yard, and for this we aim to create the healthy building blocks needed to establish a robust lawn.

Application Blend Determination

The purpose of our Early Spring Starter application is to help your lawn recover from the damage it sustained over the winter. Our slow-released granular mix is specially made for different areas of the country. For instance, varying blends are used in Michigan and Colorado because of the differences in their soils’ needs.

Application Time

Round 1 is performed at different times in different regions of the country. The application time depends both on the outdoor temperatures and the ground temperatures. In Colorado, the milder winters mean that this first application can occur in the first or second week of February.

In Michigan, however, where brutal temperatures and tough winters are more often the rule than the exception, the first application may not occur until mid- to late-March — or perhaps even later if the snow hasn’t completely melted.

Nutrient Distribution

Fit Turf’s Early Spring Starter application consists of a slow release, granular blend. This granular blend ensures an even, steady distribution of nutrients. It is applied by either a hand-push spreader or via ride-on rigs for very large properties. The applied granules gradually settle in the soil after a period of several hours. The fertilizer’s effect begins to take effect after 24 hours and begin to supply the nutrients that the hungry soil needs during this growth and recovery phase of the treatment.

Now’s the Time

Let 2018 be your year to establish the lush, verdant lawn that you have always wanted. Now is the time to consult the lawn experts at Fit Turf to plan out our multi-application approach — before the Early Spring Starter application needs to be laid down. Our applications are specially formulated to attend to the needs of your yard during various times of the growing season.

Contact us for a consultation and an estimate and get your yard ready for spring!

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