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Common Tree Diseases and Their Impact on Your Lawn

Prevent and control common tree diseases and other tree problems with our professional tree care services at Fit Turf.

Trees are complex living organisms that must be cared for diligently and attentively. Like humans, they can contract a large number of diseases — many of which are life threatening. They are also susceptible to a large number of other problems — many of which can be remedied with proper care. Here at Fit Turf, our experienced tree care professionals have decades of experience treating and preventing tree diseases and other problems in trees across Colorado and Michigan. Read on to learn more about these disease and problems, and what our team can do to help, and contact our tree care experts today!

Common Tree Diseases

There are several common tree diseases that our tree care teams see across Colorado and Michigan. Most of these diseases are caused by fungi, though some of them are caused by bacteria and insect infestations. These diseases include anthracnose, bleeding canker, diplodia tip blight, fire blight, needle cast and scale disease. To learn more about these diseases, visit our Common Tree Diseases resource page. If you think your tree(s) may be suffering from one of these diseases, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our experienced tree care professionals provide comprehensive control and prevention services using careful chemical applications that have been tested time and time again in the field.

Common Tree Problems

In addition to the diseases discussed above, there are a host of other common tree problems that may affect the trees on your property. These problems include:

  • Iron chlorosis
  • Tree planted too deep
  • Tree planted too shallow
  • Tree sap damage
  • Root rot
  • Winter Burn

If your tree is affected with any of these or other common tree problems, contact our tree care professionals at Fit Turf. We have decades of experience treating and preventing these problems and can provide you with the professional services your trees need to live happy and healthy.

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