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Colorado Winter Mite Control Service

Is the snow on your yard melting only to expose brown, dead grass? You could have a winter mite infestation. Check out Fit Turf for more information -- let us treat these pests and help get your yard green again.

Spring has Sprung

After the cold winter months, it’s understandable to want to see your landscape thaw, your flowers bloom and smell the fresh green grass. But wait — the snow has melted and instead of a healthy yard, your grass looks sad, brown and dead. You could have a winter mite infestation, a very common problem in Colorado. Winter mites are especially active after mild winters and were aggressive in Colorado last season, causing extensive yard damage for thousands of homeowners.

Feeding Frenzy

The snow doesn’t stop these pests. In fact, they remain busily active under a blanket of snow, happily chomping on the blades of grass in your yard and devouring all of the nutrients out of them. This leaves you with heart-dropping, disappointing straw-like brown husks in the spring.

Under the Cover of Darkness…And Snow

Eggs are laid by these spider-like creatures around April and they reach adulthood in the fall — ready for the cover of snow to hide their damaging dining habits until spring. Lawns that have a west or south-facing view are the most susceptible to these critters.

How to Spot Winter Mites

Species that are most common in the Centennial State are the clover mite (which are reddish brown), banks grass mite (green colored) and the brown wheat mite. Think you might have a mite problem? These pests are relatively easy to spot with the naked eye — pull up several blades of grass, grab a magnifying glass and take a look. It is helpful to set them on a white piece of paper. If mites are present, you will notice tiny specks of black.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The best way to tackle winter mites is to take preventative measures. Mites don’t like moist conditions, so watering your grass during dry spells can help ward them off. Our miticide solution will banish these pests — attacking spider mites and their eggs before they can hatch and wreak havoc on your yard.

Call Fit Turf

Fit Turf’s five-application winter mite control program will get to the root of the problem — your winter mite infestations will be the thing of the past. The seasons may come and go, but Fit Turf’s commitment to preventing and battling Metro-Denver’s winter mite problems — as well as its lawn and tree service needs — is constant.

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