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Colorado Vole Identification & Care

Are pint-sized rodents tearing up your metro-Denver yard, shrubs and ornamental plants? Check out's blog for more information on the Colorado vole, how to prevent these pests and how to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

Vole Attack!

The snow has melted only to expose ugly matted, runway-type trails throughout your yard. Your juniper bushes, ornamental plants and other shrubs have irregular, 45-degree angle tooth patterns that indicate that they have been gnawed on. Could your lawn be the unsuspecting victim of a vole attack? Contact Fit Turf today and let us help you determine if the Colorado vole is the problem in your yard.

Teeth, Paws, Oh My!

These small brown rodents are a cross between a field mouse and a hamster. Colorado voles have wreaked havoc on thousands of homeowners in the Denver metro area. They have left a path of destruction after they have used their sharp, chisel-like teeth and tiny paws for digging burrows and eating herbaceous plants, tubers, tree bark and bulbs.

Under the Cover of Snow

Colorado has eight species of voles that hide in the heavy ground cover of grasses and plants. They are active all year round, never hibernate and often happily eat their way through your landscaping under the cover of snow. In fact, they are particularly destructive after seasons of heavy snowfall where the snow stands for longer periods of time. Although they are not directly dangerous, they can make a mess of your plants and your yard. They can also spread diseases and parasites through their droppings.

Maintenance is the Best Prevention

The best way to prevent an infestation of hundreds of these tiny rodents in your yard is through prevention. Colorado voles won’t become established in your yard if the food sources are non-existent or difficult to acquire. Taking care of your yard with a regular establishment of mowing, tilling and herbicide applications is the most successful way to reduce vole population. Mowing your yard before snow arrives and removing tall, grassy covers near lawns can help reduce the signs of these pests, as well as weed control and close mowing around grassy borders that are near agricultural crops.

If you suspect you have a vole problem, contact the experts at Fit Turf for a consultation. We can help diagnose your problem and set you back on the path to a brilliant yard that is free of rodents.

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