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Colorado Fall Property Checklist

Fall Yard and Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

Fall Yard and Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

Find out the do's and don'ts for your fall property's checklist at; get your Colorado property ready for winter.

How To Get Your Property Ready For Winter This Fall

Summer fun is over and you’ve now moved onto fabulous fall activities like pumpkin and apple picking. Of course, Halloween is just around the corner and let’s not forget about those stunning fall colors that will soon need to be raked and bagged. However, when you live in winter paradise areas like Colorado, you also need to be proactive when it comes to your fall property checklist. Spending one or two afternoons getting your home and property ready for those chilly winter months and of course the severe weather that often comes with it can be a real difference maker as well as a money saver.

Here are some important items to add to your fall to do list:

  • Never leave your patio furniture and grill outdoors all winter. Be sure to properly cover and store the pieces to protect them from being damaged by the elements
  • Store children’s warm weather toys and sporting equipment to prevent damage
  • Cut down any perennial plants; you may also want to divide them and replant somewhere else on your property
  • Plant any fall bulbs for those early spring blooms
  • Drain and store garden hoses
  • Turn off your outside faucets at the shutoff inside your home and leave the outside faucets open to drain
  • Ensure all storm drains point away from the house
  • Clean out gutters to allow for proper drainage
  • Check to make sure all your outdoor lighting is in working order; a snowstorm is not the time to change a bulb
  • Never leave clay or other fragile planters outside for the winter; move indoors to prevent cracking
  • Give your lawn a dose of herbicides to help get a jump on those annoying broad leaf weeds like dandelions

Taking the time in the fall to do more than rake, is a proactive approach that may just save you from those wintertime disasters like icy build up around your storm drains or clogged drains that may break when heavy snow starts to pile up. Winter fun abounds in Colorado, but when the snow finally melts, you want to be able to enjoy your backyard again without having to stress the budget by replacing items damaged by the elements.

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