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Choosing the Best Fast-Growing Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Tired of sluggish lawn growth? Discover which grass seed grows fastest for Colorado and Michigan lawns and how to ensure it grows lushly each year.

Choosing the Best Fast-Growing Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Watching grass grow on your lawn is like waiting for the big hand of a ticking clock to move; it never seems fast enough for some reason. You may be asking, “what is the fastest growing grass seed for your soil?” And as a matter of fact, we get asked this question all the time, and we’re happy to share our expertise with you. Keep in mind that speed of seed growth depends on factors such as soil conditions, adaptability, disease resistance, insects and local temperatures.

Our Grass Seed Picks

Kentucky Bluegrass

The lush beauty of Kentucky bluegrass covers many lawns in the greater Detroit, MI and Denver, CO areas. We admit that we also love gazing at harmonious waves of bluish-green blades. As for its growing speed, bluegrass tends to grow faster in cool, moist climates and fall is a good time to cultivate it. Of course, you can choose to seed during the summer, but be prepared for slower growing due to hot, dry weather.

This lovely grass does require lots of TLC to grow to its finest potential. But with the help of our experienced technicians, we can transform your lawn into a thing of natural beauty.

Fine-Leaf Fescues

Fine-leaf fescues has an ethereal quality that many people enjoy. It’s the kind of grass that feels good when you walk around in it barefoot. In our experience, the growth rate for this grass is very good. Also, if you’re looking for the fastest growing grass seed in the shade, this seed certainly fits that description.

One of our favorite things about this grass is that maintenance is much easier compared to bluegrass. However, keeping it growing at a steady pace requires well-aerated soil that’s not bogged down with too much moisture.

Perennial Ryegrasses

These grasses are admired for fast seed germination, and they typically grow in bunches. It’s important to select seeds designed for lawn hardiness for best results. Ryegrasses are often mixed with bluegrass and used for erosion prevention, especially in sloping areas.

Single Seed or Mixed Seed?

Deciding which seed to choose for your lawn is one of those things you’ll probably want to ponder over a bit. You can choose to stick with a single type of seed or go with a mixture of seeds for variety. With single seed lawns, you’re able to enjoy a lawn that visually impresses with its outstanding uniformity. Alternatively, the diversity of mixed seed lawns is a plus when dealing with all sorts of growing conditions.

Grow the Lawn of Your Dreams

Achieving quick grass cover for your lawn can be done when you call upon our Fit Turf expertise. After you contact us for a consultation and estimate, we’ll get busy creating a plan of action for rapid grass growing. We know you’re in a hurry, but we also want seeds to grow strong and healthy, and that requires specific knowledge about soil.

We feel strongly that it’s our responsibility to make sure your lawn is properly aerated before doing any over-seeding. Aeration helps prevent grass compaction and leads to better grass health. Let us do all the aeration and over-seeding work to grow your dream lawn today.

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