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Learn all about Chinch bugs and how Chinch bug infestation can devastate your Michigan lawn. Get control over Chinch bugs before they do major damage.

Chinch Bug Infestation and Michigan Lawns

Get a handle on chinch bugs before they get out of hand and ruin your green grass. Contact us now and put Fit Turf control methods to work.

Feeding Frenzy

Do you feel like all the effort you put into maintaining a beautiful lawn is literally going to the bugs? If you’re dealing with a chinch bug problem, we completely understand. If you’re not familiar with this species of insect, they’re tiny and usually have red or black bodies with white markings. The most important thing to know about them is that they love eating grass.

They are most attracted to Kentucky bluegrass, bentgrass, ryegrass and red fescues. Some of these grasses are common in Michigan.

You may have a chinch bug infestation if your lawn develops yellow patches or begins dying after you’ve faithfully watered and nurtured it. What you don’t see is that these little bugs are busy extracting and digesting grass juice, leaving a grass-destroying toxin in their wake. This toxin prevents grass from getting adequate water, which is why watering grass to help it recover isn’t enough to overcome this toxin.

Mid-summer is when you’re most likely start noticing yellow and reddish-brown patches, but an infestation can start as early as late spring and last until fall.

Weather and Breeding

The months of July and August are prime feeding times for Chinch bugs. Hot, dry weather attracts them in droves and both nymphs and adults cause damage. This is also the time when adults are laying eggs, preparing for the next generation to hatch and grow into adults during September and October.

You may notice the bugs scurrying about on sidewalks and driveways during warm months. You can also detect an infestation by flushing them out. Our Fit Turf technicians can explain more about testing your lawn for an infestation.

During the winter months, adults hunker down at overwintering sites and repeat the infestation cycle all over again. One fertile female lays up to 300 eggs over a period of one-and-half months or so. Your lawn can be swarmed with thousands of bugs before you even know there’s a tiny invading force.

Chinch Bug Control

The devastation to your once-healthy lawn can be enormous and disheartening once Chinch bugs get out of control. It’s imperative that you contact us here at Fit Turf the moment you suspect an infestation. Even if it turns out to be another issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can diagnose the problem quickly and get to work on eradication solutions.

The best way to stop an invasion in its tracks is to use an effective insecticide on your lawn. Our method eradicates adults, nymphs and eggs, setting the stage for grass renewal.

At Fit Turf, we believe that prevention is the most effective way to protect your lawn over the long-run. While we can get rid of these little bugs with fast control, there’s a good chance your lawn may experience another invasion. We can easily prevent repeated Chinch bug attacks with a comprehensive year-round lawn care plan customized to your needs. With ongoing bug-resistant over-seeding, fertilization and soil aeration, we help you maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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