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Grubs in Turf

Grubs in Turf

Control existing grub outbreaks and prevent future ones with Fit Turf to keep your lawn healthy during the summer.

Grubs are beetle larvae that hatch underground and feed on the roots of a lawn. Lawns in Michigan are especially at risk for grub outbreaks in the spring and summer months. If left untreated, grubs will hatch by late August and eat away at lawns through the fall before burrowing into your soil for the winter. At Fit Turf, we use our years of experience and wealth of industry-leading products to tackle grub infestations from all angles. Not only do we apply targeted chemicals to help control and prevent grub infestations, we also apply fertilizer to strengthen your lawn, helping it to withstand grubs should they occur. Learn more about our comprehensive grub prevention and control treatments below.

Grub Prevention

To guard against grub future grub outbreaks, our lawn care professionals apply Merit Insecticide Granules in the late spring and early summer when grub egg-laying occurs. Merit works two-fold in preventing grub infestations and strengthening your lawn should some grubs still hatch. To learn more about preventing grubs in your lawn, we invite you to visit our Grub Prevention page.

Grub Control

If you have a current grub problem in your lawn, our lawn care professionals at Fit Turf have the grub control services for you. Using a fertilizer spreader, we apply Dylox Granular Insecticide to kill hatched grubs without causing excessive damage to your lawn. We typically begin our grub control treatment in the mid to late summer, right after most grubs have hatched. That way, we can address the bulk of your lawn’s grub problem for the majority of the season, exterminating grubs before they can do significant damage to your lawn.

Get Your Grub Problem Under Control With Fit Turf

When you need high-quality grub control and prevention services in Colorado or Michigan, there is no better team to call than our seasoned experts at Fit Turf. Read some of our many client testimonials here and contact our team for comprehensive grub prevention services today!

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