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Benefits of Planting Trees - Lawn & Landscaping Tips

Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Yard

Could your yard use a few trees? Perhaps you've never considered how valuable trees can be to your yard and home. In addition to having much-needed shade in the warm months, planting trees has many benefits. One of the best lessons in appreciating trees is removing a large tree from your yard or business. It's easy to notice the absence of shade and change in aesthetics.

Instead of waiting until a tree is cut down to appreciate its value, let's look at the many benefits of cultivating tree growth in your yard plus the perks of planting a few more trees that will provide benefits for many years.

Lower Energy Costs

When your air conditioner is running all summer long and you're thinking about the energy bill you'll soon receive, think about this: according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, just one young tree can provide a net cooling effect equal to 10 room-sized air conditioners running 20 hours a day. Invest in planting a tree and cultivating it for a few years, and you'll watch your energy costs decrease.

Healthier Air

You most likely already know that trees absorb greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, essentially giving us healthier air to breathe. But did you know that just one tree can clean about 330 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year according to the U.S. Forest Service? That’s enough oxygen for a family of four from a single tree.


There's no doubt that a tall tree can provide beautiful shade for a yard, but trees can also shelter your home from harsh winds. Beyond this, they provide canopies and habitats for wildlife as well as privacy from neighbors.

Healthier Soil

Trees prevent soil erosion by holding soil in place on hillsides or near water. Their leaves also provide shelter from heavy rains and encourage water to stay in the soil instead of running off. Boost this benefit with the right watering routine from tree watering services.

Increased Home Value

Have you ever looked into buying a home on a street with absolutely no trees? How about one on a street with rows of mature maples or elms? Trees create an atmosphere of shelter and warmth. They make a neighborhood appealing, and they make your home appealing too. Investing in a tree or two for your yard and cultivating its growth is a high return on your investment.

Healthier Lawn and Plants

Shade from trees slows water evaporation in lawns and provides shelter from hot sunshine. This not only makes your lawn happy but reduces your water costs since you won't need to water as much where there's shade.

Your Health & Safety

Trees are known to reduce stress, anxiety and even crime. A well-groomed neighborhood is seen as a well-monitored neighborhood, discouraging would-be criminals. Knowing that fact and the results of several studies showing that being near trees boosts your mood will help when considering trees in your landscape.

A Better Future

Perhaps the best reason to plant a tree is to invest your home's future as well as the future of humanity. A tree will provide shade, playing and climbing, oxygen and a better environment for your children and grandchildren.

Trees are well worth their cost and maintenance. See our guide on planting trees for more information or check out our Fit Tree & Shrub Care services.

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