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Basic Fall Lawn Care Tips from the Experts at Fit Turf

Get your lawn ready for fall with these tips for managing leaves, fertilizing soil and more from the experts at Fit Turf.

While the summer winds to a close and fall comes in full swing, the smart homeowner begins preparing their lawn for the upcoming winter months. If you want to get a jump-start on taking care of your lawn (and those inevitable leaves) this fall, the experts at Fit Turf are here to help you come up with a smart plan with your specific area in mind. Here are just a few fall lawn care tips from Fit Turf.

Mow the Lawn

While the temperatures may be a lot cooler, you still need to mow your lawn during the fall months in order to keep grass healthy. For the last two mowings before the snow hits, lower your mower’s blade setting to the very lowest level so that the sun reaches the roots of the grass — or have one of Fit Turf’s trusty lawn care professionals do it for you.

Aerate the Lawn

Aerating the lawn punches holes in the soil in order to allow water, oxygen and fertilizer to reach the roots of the soil. Fit Turf offers a wide variety of aeration methods targeted to your lawn’s needs.

Take Care of Leaves

Leaving fallen leaves on top of your lawn can cause them to suffocate the grass, breed fungus or get wet and become much more difficult to move. Instead, regularly rake and remove leaves as they fall, or hire a pro to help you with your fall leaf management.

Fertilize the Lawn

For those who only fertilize their lawn once a year, the fall is the perfect time to do it. This is because while the grass slows its growth in cooler weather, the roots continue to grow quickly, so fertilizer will easily reach the important root areas.

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