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Are Fallen Leaves Bad for Grass?

Don't forget to rake the lawn! If you've lived in Denver and its surrounding cities for at least one fall season, then you've heard this plenty of times. But how bad are leaves for your lawn, really? Do you always have to rake, or are there good reasons for not doing it at all?

Don't Believe the Myths

Why aren't you raking your leaves? You can always reply by asking why you should rake them. Leaves are natural, and over time they will biodegrade. In fact, all the fall leaves in your yard will naturally biodegrade by the time spring rolls around. This can actually lend extra nutrients to your soil as the leaves break down.

Forget the Rake

Studies show that leaving fall leaves in your yard is ultimately better for your soil. However, if your leaves completely blanket your yard and end up becoming wet with rain and ice, they can promote weed growth and potentially kill your grass. A thick blanket of leaves should be mulched to allow light and air to reach the soil. The best and easiest way to turn your leaves into natural yard mulch is to mow them.

Use a mulching blade, and go right over your leaves with a mower. This will cut leaves up into smaller pieces so that they become a natural mulch that enriches your soil and promotes healthy growth in the spring. Seeing little bits of leaves all over your lawn may not look great, but in a day or two you will no longer be able to see the leaves because they will fall down between the blades of grass.

Mulched leaves actually prevent weed growth and help keep your grass a lot healthier. So trade in your rake for a mulching blade, and let the leaves fall where they may.

Beyond the Leaves

If you’ve taken care of your leaves, but are unsure about what else your lawn needs in the fall, just call the experts at Fit Turf. Our technicians can help you fully prepare your lawn for spring by completing the rest of the tasks your yard needs in the fall.

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