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5 Colorado Lawn Care Myths

Residential Backyard Landscape with Green Lawn

Residential Backyard Landscape with Green Lawn

Colorado Lawn Care: 5 Myths

Anyone in the Denver metropolitan area and Denver suburbs who is mulling the proper way to care for their grass needs to know that there are some dangerously inaccurate myths out there that could contribute to an unhealthy lawn. Just because these tips seem to be commonly repeated, does not mean that they are correct. In fact, just the opposite is the case:

Myth 1) Cutting your grass very short is acceptable: Experts strongly caution that you should not cut more than one-third of the grass leaf at a time. A better guideline is to mow down to a height of about 3 to 3.5 inches during the summer months. This way, your lawn requires less water and will have an increased ability to ward off weeds. Your grass will also be greener and won't show any brown tips.

Myth 2) Anytime is the right time to water a lawn: Instead, you should wait for the optimum time when water can be absorbed deeper into your soil: Early in the morning or after the sun goes down are far better times to water than at the height of the day when the sun is the highest and hottest.

Myth 3) Water your lawn daily: Watering every three days is better for nurturing the roots.

Myth 4) Spring is the best time to replace a lawn: September and October are better times because the temperatures are more consistent and crabgrass is starting to die out.

Myth 5) You should fertilize your lawn early in the spring: This is true some of the time, but it all depends on what species of grass you have. Some species of grass "prefer" other times of year for optimal fertilization.

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