Lawn Care Programs

Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn

Enjoy a green, weed-free lawn all season. We have a program that will fit your budget.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Healthy Trees and Shrubs

Proper feeding of your trees and shrubs improves color, shape and overall health.

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Pest Control

Bugs Invading?

Keep bugs away from your home in the summer and mites out of your lawn in the winter.

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Fit Turf Expert Inspecting a Lawn with a Customer

The Fit Turf Difference!

At the foundation of your home or business curb appeal is its landscape. Even the most frightful of facades can seem inviting when a manicured carpet of grass is rolled out before it. But establishing and maintaining the landscape of your dreams, or at least making it presentable, is a an effort that has no off-season. And thats especially true for residents of Michigan and Denvers metro, where each is as distinct as it is challenging for landscaping. Thankfully, you dont have to go it alone.

With offices in Detroit and Denvers metros, all staffed with native Coloradan and Michiganders, local landscaping consultants are just a phone call away. Count on Fit Turfs team of experts for consultations, maintenance and emergencies alike. Intimately familiar with the climatology and biogeography of our service areas.

From shrub and tree care to overseeding and aeration, Fit Turf offers a full range of landscaping services that are capable of being scaled up or down to address your home or offices needs. Well watch over the health of your green spaces season after season, calendar after calendar. No matter what ails your lawn, be it the weather or infestations, you can count on us to prescribe the right treatment and to deliver it with the kind of passion that only comes from people who love what they do.

We understand that not everyone is as passionate about landscaping as we are. But we believe that everyone can appreciate the love and care we put into our work. And for those in love with it as much as we are, we know that life can get in the way of doling out the care and attention youd plan to give to your landscape yourself.