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Trees and Shrubs Need a Little TLC, Too

Like lawn care and flowerbed upkeep, tree and shrub care is a critical part of maintaining a luscious landscape in your yard. Most people think trees and shrubs require very little care, or no care at all since this type of plant life is so prevalent in nature. A forest doesn’t need extra maintenance so why would a few trees in your front yard be any different? The answer is that there is a big difference between the two environments. In the wild, trees are exposed to decomposing materials that seep into the earth, distributing nutrients into the root system of the trees and shrubbery. Trees dotted around a typical yard in a suburban setting don’t have the benefit of this exposure.

Reintroducing Nutrients to Trees and Shrubs

The plant life in your yard are all obtaining their nutrients from the same small source. As a result, there are just not enough nutrients in the soil to adequately feed all of the plant life. Without a nutrient-rich environment, trees and shrubs can be weakened to damage by insects, and they are more likely to contract diseases. The damage caused by these issues can have a significant impact on the beauty of your yard and your home’s curb appeal.

Tree and Shrub Care Services by Fit Turf

Fit Turf offers the following care options for tree and shrub maintenance. Armed with our extensive knowledge, professional grade equipment and innovative treatment solutions we can treat all types of disease and insect infestations. Our services include:

  • Expert evaluation and diagnosis
  • Insect and Disease Sprays
  • IPS Beetle Prevention
  • Emerald Ash Borer Prevention
  • Trunk Injections of Micro Nutrients and also for insect infestation prevention
  • Supplemental Deep Root Watering
  • Deep Root Feedings
  • Fire Blight Treatment
  • Anthracnose Treatment

Local to the Metro-Denver or Metro-Detroit area? Give us a call for a tree and shrub evaluation! Let Fit Turf preserve the integrity of your trees and shrubs to keep your yard looking beautiful all year round. We also serve the great state of Michigan.

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