Perimeter Pest Control
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Keeping Nature's Little Friends Out of Your Home.

Fit Turf is the go-to expert for Denver and Detroit area insect control. We deal specifically in pest control solutions for insects and pests that are common to these environments. Here are a few reasons why opting for professional insect control services can save you from the stress and worry of fending off insect attacks this summer:

Personalized Perimeter Pest Control Plan

Fit Turf specializes in creating effective solutions for lawn care problems. In this regard, our perimeter pest control system hinges on personalization for the issues you’re struggling with in your home. When we visit your home we take into consideration the current condition of your lawn and act accordingly. Due to our strong belief in preventative measures, our insect control program includes four applications throughout the year for the most potent protection against pest infestations of all varieties.

An Investment That Saves you Money

Many homeowners make the mistake of dealing with pest issues as they happen. This can mean wasting hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on extermination fees, insect trappers and home repairs when insect problems inevitably get out of hand. Fit Turf’s pest control program is all about defending your home from pests before they plummet your property value. Regularly scheduled touch ups of the protective pest repellent barrier can do wonders for keeping your home pest free in the long term.

The Insect Solution That Saves You Time

We know you’re busy, which is why we want to help you maximize the time you spend relaxing in your home. In four quick visits we’ll have your property fortified against the nuisance of insects. We’ll even schedule treatment appointments for when they are most convenient for your schedule.

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Looking for pest control in the Denver area? We have you covered. Metro-Detroit locals can call on us, too. Contact your local Fit Turf to get your free Colorado or Michigan lawn evaluation today! Our pest control experts are more than happy to assess your issues in order to execute the best plan of action for your situation.

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