Liquid Aeration
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Liquid Aeration

It’s clear that aeration can provide a number of benefits for your lawn. In addition to keeping soil from getting too compacted, aeration helps water and air reach your soil more effectively. But old-school methods of aeration aren’t always sufficient. That’s why new technologies have been developed to ensure that homeowners get the maximum possible benefits when choosing aeration services. One of those new developments is BioGreen's N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™. Learn more about this unique service and how you can get it for your lawn.

What is N-Ext AIR-8™+ Iron+™?

 N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™ is a new formula created by BioGreen™ used for aerating lawns. It was developed to reduce the effects of soil compaction in a more effective way than mechanical aeration. With N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™, microscopic pores are created in the soil so that it will act like a sponge when exposed to moisture. This aeration process uses liquid to achieve better results when it comes to your soil’s water retention and flow. Unlike mechanical aeration, which only pokes holes every three inches, liquid aeration allows every square inch of compacted soil to be aerated.

What Are the Benefits of Using N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™?

N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™ is considered to be superior to mechanical aeration in several ways. These are some of the main benefits homeowners can expect when using this liquid aeration service:

  • More effective at reducing compaction: Instead of poking larger holes sporadically, liquid aeration opens up tiny holes throughout the soil so it’s more conducive to increased water flow.
  • Improved water retention: Because the soil becomes like a sponge after liquid aeration, it’s much better at holding water in places where it needs the most moisture.
  • Decreased water use: When the soil holds water in better, it doesn’t dry out as fast. That means you’ll use less water during the hot months of the summer.
  • Healthier lawn roots: Because the soil is less compacted, the roots of your lawn are able to grow deeper and stronger.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: This green method of lawn aeration introduces only biodegradable materials to your lawn. It’s also safe to use around children and pets.

Where Can I Get N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™ Services?

Fit Turf is your best choice for N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™ services. Fit Turf is the only licensed provider of these products in the areas currently serviced.

When it comes to N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™ liquid aeration, Denver and Detroit area residents should choose Fit Turf. We’re a leading local provider of lawn care services and specialize in the use of N-Ext AIR-8™ + Iron8™ to aerate lawns. You can count on us to provide the expert services you need at an affordable price. We can also come out to your property to help determine whether the soil is compacted or which areas are in most need of liquid aeration. Let us help you create a stronger, healthier, greener lawn with our effective lawn treatments. We have four locations (Macomb and Wixom, MI and Centennial and Westminster, CO) that allow us to provide expert lawn care to residents throughout Metro Denver and Metro Detroit.

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