Greenskeeper Plus Complete Care Program
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All of the Fit Turf Quality and Expertise for a Green and Healthy Lawn

The Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program is Fit Turf’s most comprehensive package of services offered. There are seven stages to this program, during which our lawn care experts will visit your home to facilitate the comprehensive process. The stages are completed on a schedule that our experts will arrange with you ahead of time. The Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program is an excellent way to treat your lawn to the best care available without you ever having to lift a finger.

Here’s an example of what your treatment schedule may look like (remember, we’re more than happy to adjust around the schedules of our Metro-Denver and Metro-Detroit lawn care service customers):

Visit #1:

You can expect the first visit to be scheduled around March or April to have a proactive impact. Our lawn care gurus will help your lawn start the year off with the biggest advantages. Technicians will dose your yard with our pre-emergent weed control to stop the growth of any weed seeds that might have attempted to take root in your yard. A granular fertilizer will also be applied to promote the growth of a green and healthy lawn. Our experts will also take this time to do a close inspection of your lawn to diagnose any insect infestations or diseases that might have crept up over the winter months.

Visit #2:

Expect the second stage to take place later in the spring in either April or May. At this point the grass should be coming in nicely. To boost its growth, a liquid fertilizer will be applied. The weed control efforts will be doubled this time around with the application of the broadleaf weed control, a second round of the pre-emergent weed control and a coating of crabgrass control.

Visit #3:

The third visit will be scheduled for May or June. This visit will include an application of granular slow-release fertilizer, a dose of weed controlling agents and crabgrass control in spot treatments or blanket treatment.

Visit #4:

In July or August, our experts will make their fourth visit. Another round of fertilizer, weed control and crabgrass control will be applied in spot treatments as needed. In an effort to preserve the moisture-retention abilities of your lawn and to save you money on watering expenses, a Hydro Wet TG Wetting Agent will be added.

Visit #5:

August or September will be visit number five. A blanket layer of Balanced Feeding and Broadleaf Weed Control will be added to hinder late summer weed seed spreading. This visit will also include a lawn inspection to identify areas that need extra nutrients and care.

Visit #6:

In either September or October, visit number six will be scheduled. Our lawn care specialists will apply our Fall Enhancer treatment that is designed to encourage root-growth for the coming year. Another dose of granular slow-release fertilizer will also be applied your lawn.

Visit #7

During the final visit of the year, which will occur just before the winter in October or November, your lawn will be prepped for the dropping temperatures ahead and given a jump-start on the spring growth cycle.

To get the lush green lawn you’ve always wanted in your Colorado or Michigan home, invest in the Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program. Out attentive team of lawn care specialists will keep your yard looking verdant and weed-free throughout the year. Serving the cities in towns of Colorado and Michigan. Call us for your free quote!

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