Aeration and Aeration Overseeding
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One of the Best Things You Can Do for a Healthier Lawn.

Healthier lawns begin with aeration. Denver and Arvada lawn aeration by Fit Turf is the professional attention your lawn craves.

What is Lawn Aeration or Core Aeration?

We specialize in a range of aeration methods that can encourage a healthy lawn, either by rehabilitating struggling spaces or encouraging new growth. Core aeration is one such tool of the trade. Cores are typically two to three inches long and about a half an inch wide. Cores are extracted every few inches. These little clumps of soil are then distributed across the surface of the lawn. Lawn aeration is common practice in the management of a lush and healthy lawn.

A less common form of lawn aeration is spike aeration that involves digging holes into the lawn using a spike. Soil is pushed down as opposed to being removed. This type of aeration is less effective than core aeration.

Serving Denver and beyond, our experts can help your lawn with professional-grade aeration solutions. Whether you’re in Arvada, Boulder or the big city, we can help you turn your sorry soil into something extraordinary.

Why Lawn Aeration is the Key to a Green Lawn

As time passes the root system of your lawn becomes compacted and overgrown. Think of this congestion like a barrier that’s preventing all of the nutrients and benefits of water and airflow to circulate into the depths of the soil. Regularly scheduled aeration is the best way to encourage deep-penetrating air circulation that can build pathways that create access to water.

Lawn aerations is also the best way to get the most out of fertilizing, moisturizing and overseeding. Core aerations can help these applications work their way deeper into the soil without being blocked by a compacted root system.

Why Professional Lawn Aeration is the Way to Go

It might be tempting to manually poke holes in your yard, and call it a day. Unfortunately, poorly done aeration can leave your lawn torn up with little chance of recovery. Professionals have access to the tools, know-how and the finest quality care supplies that are not accessible to the average homeowner. We can achieve the lush green lawn you’re after without wasting your time or money on trial and error practices. We know what works, plain and simple.

Fit Turf offers:

  • Aeration
  • Aeration with Revive
  • Fall-Aeration with Overseeding

If you’re in the Denver aeration service area in Colorado, let Fit Turf take care of your lawn. Michigan locals, don’t worry! We also have Fit Turf professionals ready to serve you too. Call us for a free evaluation!

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